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Bird Taxidermy By Mike Gadd

Mikes Beginner Small Mammal Taxidermy Training Book

Beginner Taxidermy - Small Mammal’ describes and illustrates every stage in the taxidermy process, from skinning right through to creating a manikin and presenting the finished mount in a professional case. Spiral-bound and clearly presented, this is more than a text book or another taxidermy ‘how to’ book - it’s a complete workshop manual, leading beginners step by step through every stage of the taxidermy process. It describes in detail the mounting process dedicated to a beginner.

Taxidermy For Sale

Some of My Bird Taxidermy work for Sale

How is Taxidermy Done?

May Clients are interested in how the taxidermy process is done, this is a quick overview.

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Gyrfalcon Bird Taxidermy
Gyrfalcon Bird Taxidermy by Mike Gadd

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